Bed Rotator

Bed Rotator

The bed lifting device is used to easily turn over beds for maintenance or reparation. It’s also used for the mobile cleaning of table desks or food carts.

TM VA 200-01-DXO

Changing patients mean changing beds. In every hospital, countless bed are re-made every single day. And between each time it is re-made, every single bed has to be completely cleaned fo reasons of hygiene. Underneath, too, of course. A physically strenuous job for the staff.

TM VA 200-07-DXO

This semi-mobile bed rotator turns the bed smoothly up to an angel of 200°. This makes cleaning and repair work considerably easier. In an ergonomically correct position, all tasks can be carried our with much less effort. The apparatus is ideal for stationary use in a bed centre or in a bed workshop.