Charles Reynolds Foundation awards grant to Grasshoppers Green FC

GrassHoppers Green FC Awarded £4,500

In an exciting development, the Charles Reynolds Foundation recently awarded a grant of £4,500 to Grasshoppers Greens FC, a remarkable non-profit organisation that is changing Cornish lives through football.

The focal point of this grant is a steel container that will serve as a changing facility for the Grasshopper U13 Greens and Reds, two teams that call Tremorvah Park their home for fixtures. Beyond just bricks and mortar, this facility represents a vital step in nurturing the growth and well-being of young players. In a world where every step counts, this sheltered haven eliminates the need for players to arrive and depart in their soiled kits, fostering a sense of professionalism and pride.

Under the visionary leadership of Jamie Bridger, Coach and founder of Grasshoppers Greens FC, this organisation has become a beacon of hope for players who were once sidelined from the beautiful game. Jamie's exceptional efforts were recently recognized as he clinched the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Unsung Hero Award. This accolade serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication that he and his team bring to their mission.

The Grasshoppers FC was born out of a desire to provide avenues for players who had been denied sufficient playing time within their previous teams. With inclusivity at its core, the organization is committed to offering training and playing opportunities in the Kernow U13 Conference League. The teams comprise young players from diverse backgrounds and abilities, including those with Special Educational Needs, Pupil Premium status, single-parent upbringings, and autism.

The grant provided by the Charles Reynolds Foundation transcends the realms of infrastructure. It extends to the realm of possibility, enabling the acquisition of training kits, equipment, and tools that are essential for honing skills and building camaraderie. From mannequins that aid in tactical drills to pop-up goals that spark excitement in practice sessions, this array of resources is poised to create lasting memories and a true sense of belonging among players.

Beyond the tangible gains, the impact of this grant is far-reaching. The FA's four pillars of physical, social, technical, and psychological benefits are not just abstract concepts here; they are the guiding principles behind Grasshoppers Greens FC. The players' journey is one of teamwork, resilience, and mutual support, irrespective of victory or defeat. This is the essence of sportsmanship, and this grant enhances the avenues through which these values can flourish.