CJ Medical's presentation of the HoverMatt® and HoverJack®

CJ Medical’s presentation of the HoverMatt® and HoverJack® drew the largest crowds at the National Back Exchange Falls and Taster Day hosted by the Kent Group in April.

The National Back Exchange (NBE) is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary group for those with an interest in back care and prevention of work related musculoskeletal problems.

With over 130 people in attendance the Falls and Taster Day aimed to combine the collective skill base of old and new members with innovative technologies that address the retrieval and movement of patients in various situations from the floor. Being at the forefront of innovation in the safe moving and handling of patients, CJ Medical has been asked to support many of the NBE educational meetings across the UK.

The use of the HoverMatt® and HoverJack® air transfer and patient retrieval systems help to increase staff compliance, improve patient comfort, and reduce lifting injuries and their direct and indirect costs. For more information about the complete Hovertech® range visit cjmedical.com or call 0844 561 0612.

CJ Medical will be demonstrating the HoverJack® and HoverMatt® technology in the Lakeside suite of the NBE’s Annual Conference in Leicestershire on 30th September – 2nd October 2013.

CJ Medical has been committed to facilitating and promoting innovative technologies supported by education for 14 years as the South West’s largest distributor of medical devices.