Crossing Oceans for Men's Health

CJ Medical Are "On Board" with the Atlantic Seamen

CJ Medical are proud to sponsor the Atlantic Seamen on their challenging 3,000 miles unsupported rowing journey through the Atlantic Ocean, from the shores of La Gomera, Canary Islands to Antigua, raising funds for the Urology Foundation (TUF) and increasing awareness of men’s health issues.

Putting their bodies and minds to an endurance test, the four-member crew from Cornwall, named as the Atlantic Seamen, have been preparing for two years to participate in the toughest yet epic rowing race, the Talisker Altantic Challenge, which starts in December and is expected to take around 40 days to complete.

CJ Medical admire the commitment of the Atlantic Seamen setting to row for 24 hours a day and are proud to see the company logo on their 28-foot race boat compromising a small cabin where only one crew member can rest at each time.

CJ Medical, a Surgical and Medical Devices specialist company, provides the NHS and Private Hospitals with Innovative Urology Technology used in complex surgical procedures and is proudly involved in Corporate Social Responsibility, locally and nationwide. CJ Medical facilitates professional education and ongoing support to Consultant Urological Surgeons.
Having completed the Cycle India Challenge with the Urology Foundation and raising a collective £250,000, Chairman and Founder Charles Reynolds commented:
“ We are delighted to support the Atlantic Seamen in their Talisker challenge and help to raise funds and awareness for the Urology Foundation.
CJ Medical look forward to following the inspiring journey of the Atlantic Seamen and cheering them on at the finish line as they put themselves through this challenging task in order to raise funds for the Urology Foundation, the only UK charity committed to fighting all urological illnesses.

About CJ Medical 

Specialising in surgical and medical devices, CJ Medical is committed to facilitating and promoting innovative technologies supported by professional education. Technologies represented by CJ Medical are used by Physicians in complex surgical procedures to reduce inpatient stay, improve quality of life and healthcare outcomes for patients and hospitals.

CJ Medical is the UK Provider of Innovative Urology Technologies to include: ATOMS – Adjustable Trans Obturator Male System for the treatment of Urinary Incontinence and Uscope – Single Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope used during the Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS) for Kidney Stones.