The Charles Reynolds Foundation grant St, Ives Rugby Club £5,000

The Charles Reynolds Foundation grant St.Ives Rugby Club £5,000 

On Sunday 12th December 2021, Charles and Louise attended the St. Ives Junior Rugby Club home game to present a check for £5,000.  

Based in the seaside town of St Ives, the rugby club is at the heart of the community and has seen an impressive influx of junior players, between the ages of 7 and 15, over the last couple of years. This continued growth in junior players is even more impressive considering the increase in child poverty in the area, 34% of children in the St Ives area were living in poverty between 2019-2020. Grants like this play an important role in developing sports clubs and allow children to feel inclusive regardless of income.

In March 2020 records demonstrate there were 4.3 million UK children living in poverty, a 5% increase in the past five years. These statistics equate to 4,774 children living in Poverty in St. Ives and 137 more children since 2015 (End Child Poverty, 2020). Living costs have increased due to the worldwide lockdown, therefore caregivers have less disposable income in 2021/2022.  Children are disheartened when they are unable to keep up with the latest trends significantly impacting their mental health. The CRF panel were delighted that the grant funds enabled the club to provide a new kit for each team member.  Thank you to players, coaches and parents for making it possible!

Charles and Louise commented: “We were delighted to award this grant and sponsor the junior’s new Training  kit. Supporting local sports clubs is very important in fostering their growth. St Ives rugby club  gives local children a great platform to develop key  team  skills for the future  but most importantly to actively feel part  of their  local  community regardless of their background.” 2022. Child poverty in your area 2014/15 – 2019/20 – End Child Poverty. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 13 January 2022].