AirWedge™ Adjustable Positioning Device

AirWedge™ Adjustable Positioning Device

The AirWedge is an inflatable device used to adjust the position of the head, neck and chest of a supine patient for convenient and efficient use in any patient care setting. The dual chamber design allows the patient’s head and chest to be adjusted separately, making it easier to achieve ear to sternal notch positioning regardless of the patient’s body type.

Additional features and benefits of the AirWedge:

  • Two chamber design provides maximum adjustability of head, neck and chest
  • Low profile allows deflated product to be left underneath the patient when not in use
  • Separate inflation/deflation valves located on either side of the head chamber offer easy access for independent inflation and adjustment of the head and chest chambers
  • Heat-sealed construction and a microbial-controlling nylon fabric facilitate cleaning and minimize infection risk
  • HT-Air® 1200 (or HT-Air® 2300) Air Supply delivers variable speed inflation for optimal patient stability and precise positioning
  • Weight limit of 800 lbs. accommodates most patients


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AirWedge® Adjustable Positioning Device