Patient Flat Lift Kit

The Most Efficient and Safest Method for Recovering Fallen Patients from Floor Level with a Suspected Spinal or Pelvic Injury or Post-Resuscitation Events

As the prevalence of falls remains for patients, staff and visitors, hospitals require fall recovery solutions that are safe for both the fallen patient and staff. The manner in which patients are recovered from falls is critical to reducing the risk of future harm. Additionally, staff are often challenged with working in tight spaces that require awkward postures, increasing their risk of injury.

The Flat Lift Kit provides a safe and easy solution to address the needs of fall recovery. With the use of the HT-Air air supply, the HoverJack raises the body in a supine position which can minimise pain and be beneficial for patient safety until injuries are further assessed. Additionally, when combined with the HoverMatt, caregivers can recover patients from the floor without manual lifting, reducing the risk of injury to staff. This provides a safer and more comfortable recovery experience.

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Patient Flat Lift Kit Brochure