Patient Flat Lift Kit

The Safest and Quickest Method for Recovering Fallen Patients from Floor Level or Post Resuscitation Events

Recovery of a fallen patient is a high risk situation. Without careful application of best practice manual handling techniques and appropriate equipment, injuries to both staff and patient are possible. Until now, the only practicable method of recovering a patient from a fall or post-resuscitation position was the use of cumbersome hoists. Post-resuscitation patients must be kept in the supine position whilst being lifted*.

Patient Flat Lift Kit

The Patient Flat Lift and Lateral Transfer Kit addresses these concerns allowing staff to raise the patient in the supine position and transfer to bed or trolley safely and with dignity.

Recognised as the industry standard for safe patient lifting, the HoverJack® Air Patient Lift allows caregivers to safely lift patients that have fallen without the need to gather a lift team. The HoverJack inflates with air to lift patients from the floor to bed or stretcher height in the supine position, maximising patient safety and minimising the risk of injury to both patient and staff.

*UK Resuscitation Council Resuscitation Guidelines Nov 2010