The B-Band is implanted around the stomach pouch in gastric bypass patients to stabilise the gastroenterostomy and reduce later dilation of the stoma, thereby promoting more sustained weight loss. The B-Band allows precise adjustment of the required diameter during implantation. The band circumference can be adjusted every 2 mm until the inner diameter of the implant matches the outer diameter of the encircled stomach tissue. Use of a gastric tube enables the size to be standardised. Markings on the band (at 6.5 cm, 7.5 cm, and 8.5 cm) allow exact documentation of the band size during implantation.

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 An adjustable bypass band placed around the gastric pouch:

  •  controls stoma dilation
  • promotes improved excess weight loss
  • over a longer period of time


  • Soft Silicone Band
  • Unique Closing Mechanism
  • Pre-Curved Shape


  • Reduced Risk of Erosion
  • Controlled Diameter Adjustment 
  • Facilitates Ease of Placement

Brochure / Downloads

B-Band Brochure