HALO™ Trilogy

The wireless HALO™ Trilogy procedure combines haemorrhoid artery ligation and mucopexy of the prolapsing mucosa.

Wireless Doppler guided technology promotes a safe and gentle treatment that is effective for all grades of haemorrhoids. HALO™ Trilogy is NICE approved and widely used in the NHS as a treatment of choice for haemorrhoid surgery. 

Integrated Bluetooth™ Technology

A Bluetooth™ connection between the Trilogy and the speaker facilitates precise, customised detection of haemorrhoidal arteries while enjoying absolute freedom to manoeuvre the unit and attached probe as required. 

Bluetooth loudspeaker delivers optimal acoustic replay of signals from the Trilogy unit during the haemorrhoid surgery. 

Design Features

  • Cold LED Light Source
  • Ultra-Bright LED Light
  • Bluetooth™
  • Wireless

Brochure / Downloads

HALO™ Trilogy Brochure