A minimally invasive and effective bridge between conservative therapy and surgery or implants for bowel incontinence.

Secca® therapy is a safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure that fills the treatment gap between conservative therapies and invasive surgery and implants for bowel incontinence, or BCD (bowel control disorder).

Secca® therapy involves the delivery of radiofrequency energy to the muscles of the anal canal, which results in a change in tissue compliance and a corresponding improvement in incontinence symptoms. This outpatient procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. Patients go home approximately 1-2 hours after the procedure and typically resume normal activities within several days.

Candidates for the Secca® procedure experience incontinence at least once a week, have failed conservative therapies (fiber, medications, biofeedback), desire a less invasive treatment than foreign implants and surgery. Because Secca® does not involve surgery or introduce foreign substances, it can be utilised in a variety of patient groups and does not preclude other treatment options. Studies have demonstrated that up to 84% of patients experience a significant improvement in incontinence symptoms after Secca® Therapy. 

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