Reflux Diagnostics

Reflux Diagnostics

Dx–pH Measurement System is a revolutionary device that comfortably measures pH in the upper airway or esophagus. Prior to the introduction of the System, it was difficult to detect reflux in the upper airway because previously available pH monitors were limited to measuring liquid reflux in the esophagus. The patented technology is the only commercial device available that is capable of measuring both liquid and aerosolized pH levels.

Giving you the data you need to deliver targeted, individualized reflux therapy.

  • Obtain a definitive diagnosis in 24 hours
  • Displays detailed graphs and charts to illustrate the patient’s reflux patterns and severity
  • Offer a minimally invasive diagnostic test with increased patient comfort
  • Examine the patient’s typical day -- doesn’t inhibit normal activities
  • Clarify diagnostic and therapeutic pathways
  • Provide a baseline for future comparison
  • Explore alternative etiologies after a negative study

How The Dx-pH System Works

The Dx–pH Measurement System is a simple tool for 24 to 48 hour ambulatory oropharyngeal pH testing. Guided by a blinking light-emitting diode (LED) in the probe tip, the physician visually positions the probe just behind the uvula in the oropharynx. Once placed, the single-channel Dx–pH Probe takes a pH reading twice per second and sends the data wirelessly from the attached Dx–Transmitter to the Dx–Recorder. Throughout the study, the patient inputs clinically relevant information (e.g. meals, symptoms, sleep) with the press of a button. Upon completion of the study, the pH data and patient information is downloaded from the SD memory card into the Dx–pH DataView software to be viewed, graphed, and printed.

The sensor has been independently tested through the range of pH 1–13 for responsiveness and accuracy. The System reliably reads both acidic and alkaline pH levels through both ends of this range with accuracy within 0.1 pH at any point over 24 hours. Unlike conventional pH probes, there is no drift in the reading.  

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