EndoGYNious Mesh

Y-shaped Mesh for Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopey


Sacrocolpopexy and sacrocervicopexy (open, laparoscopic, robot-assisted) belong to the established procedures in pelvic organ prolapse surgery in women. Anterior and posterior vaginal walls are prepared then EndoGYNious is attached to the vaginal tissue and / or to the cervix. The proximal ends of the mesh are fixed to the os sacrum or to the sacral promontory. As a result, EndoGYNious provides an apical support of the vagina / cervix.


  • Long-term flexibility of vaginal tissue
  • Preservation of a certain apical mobility
  • Fast ingrowth of the mesh along with good re-collagenisation and re-vascularisation
  • Durable support to prevent recurrence of apical prolapse


  • An apical stabilisation for pelvic organ prolapse correction
  • Double-layer mesh on the proximal end for firm fixation to the os sacrum or sacral promontory
  • Isoelastic single-layer mesh body around the vaginal tissue to keep flexibility of vaginal tissue as high as possible: hexagonal mesh structure, ultralight weight mesh body
  • A minimum of foreign material for minimal foreign body reactions: 21 g/m²
  • Very high porosity (93%) for a wide tissue surface allowing re-collagenisation and re-vascularisation

Brochure / Downloads

Urogynaecology - EndoGYNious Mesh - Brochure