Safe Morcellation and Specimen Retrieval During Laparoscopic Morcellation Under Direct Vision


The only commercially available solution promoting increased safety* under direct laparoscopic vision.



  • Safe System Design
  • Visi-Shield Design
  • Fluid and Tissue Particle Collection System
  • Pre-Rolled System
  • Pre-Shaped Opening
  • Inverted Sleeve Design
  • Non-Porous Material


  • Facilitates Simultaneous Intra-Abdominal Usage of Laparoscope and Morcellator
  • Protects Laparoscope During Morcellation
  • Promotes Increased Patient Safety and Reduced Operating Time
  • Enables Easier Introduction
  • Facilitates Easier Specimen Placement
  • Ensures Protection Against Contamination
  • Prevents Fluid Escaping 

*Rimbach S. et al., 2015, A new in-bag system to reduce the risk of tissue morcellation, Arch Gynecol Obstet, DOI 10.1007/s00404-015-3788-9

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