• Large silicone septum for easier needle insertion
  • Dual safety edges prevent needle slippage
  • Radiopaque catheter with length markings
  • Very soft catheter tip
  • Bio-compatible materials (titanium, silicone and poly-urethane)
  • MR-compatible up to 3 Tesla; latex-free

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A.M.I. Clip-a-Port Systems are also suitable for power injection at a maximum recommended flow rate of 5 ml/s and pressure not exceeding 325 psi (2240 kPa). Special design features prevent catheter punctures and guard against needle slippage. And all ports feature an integrated clip on the base of the port for fast, easy attachment to tissue.

The A.M.I. Clip-a-Port System is based on a unique design of clip-on infusion port for the venous supply of pharmaceuticals, fluid and nutrient solutions. All models have a specially-designed base plate with an integrated clip, which can be slid under the fascia to fasten the port – no sutures and no time-wasting.

Brochure / Downloads

Infusion Ports - Clip-a-port - Brochure