Dock System
  • The universal instrument for laparoscopic surgery
  • Reusable applicator to fit A.M.I.’s disposable (DLU) tips
  • Gentle on your budget, gentle on the environment

Tried  and  tested  over  the  years,  the  A.M.I.-dock  System combines  quality  with  cost-efficiency.  As  with  all  of  A.M.I.’s product, these instruments are manufactured according to the highest standards of workmanship and materials (e.g. the highly tear-resistant tissue bags). The use of re-sterilised applicators together with the disposable loading units saves on costs but not performance.

A.M.I.-dock TissueBag DLU*


  • Removes specimens safely
  • Highly tear-resistant
  • Two different sizes – standard  and large
  • Reduces waste and costs
  • Easy to handle

Brochure / Downloads

AMI Laparoscopy - Dock System - Brochure