EasyInstrument System

EasyInstrument System


  • Reusable handles with or without ratchet mechanism and integrated, manually-operated cautery function
  • Instruments allow more freedom of movement for the surgeon
  • Can be fully disassembled for quick, thorough cleaning
  • Can be combined with various disposable and reusable tips for cutting, grasping, dissecting and holding tissue

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Reusable Laparoscopic Instrument 

EasyInstrument Ratchet

Reusable Laparoscopic  Instrument with Ratchet Function


Reusable Laparoscopic Instrument with integrated, finger-operated cautery function (activate high-frequency current by simply pressing the trigger on the instrument's handle)

Fully interchangeable handles with all shaft (diameter / length) and soft handle inserts for adjusting the hand size

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EasyInstrument System