• The safe, atraumatic way to hold organs away from the surgical site
  • Eliminates the need for an additional trocar, thereby reducing costs and patient trauma
  • Combines disposable components with a high-grade, multi-use introducer


A hammock made especially for surgeons

Throughout the gradual development of minimally-invasive surgery, one main aim has remained firmly at the forefront: namely the lessening of trauma to patients. Over the last few years, further advancements have seen the progressive miniaturisation of instruments and technology, and a definite trend towards reducing the number of trocars as far as possible. The EndoSAIL, an innovative system for organ retraction that requires no additional trocar access, represents an important step in this direction by gently holding the organ limiting access and visibility away from the surgical site. Not only is the system quick and easy to use, it also leaves the assisting surgeon with a spare hand to help with other tasks. Furthermore, the absence of a rigid retractor means the surgeon is free to operate in comfort, with minimal interference from surrounding instruments.

The System


  1. EndoSAIL: Mesh for holding up the organ hammock-style
  2. EndoSAIL Introducer: With Nitinol tip for mesh insertion and placement
  3. EndoSAIL Suture Catcher: For retrieving the suspension sutures
  4. EndoSAIL Funnel: For smoother mesh insertion via 5 mm trocars

Brochure / Downloads

AMI Laparoscopy - EndoSAIL