• Disposable, semi-flexible sleeve and reusable, curved obturator
  • Can also be used for SILS, or a transabdominal or thorascopic approach
  • Cone-shaped obturator tip to reduce trauma
  • Ideal length, regardless of the patient’s position

Safe transvaginal access, even with curved instruments.

  • The curved V-Port Obturator allows safe access to the abdominal cavity through the proximal posterior vaginal wall, aligning perfectly with the angle of the sacral curve and minimizing the risk of puncturing surrounding organs.
  • The diameter of the 12 mm V-Port can be reduced intraoperatively to 5 mm.
  • The length of port and obturator is ideally suited to the vaginal anatomy. After insertion in the Trendelenburg position, the patient can be repositioned for easy access to more cranial organs.
  • The cone-shaped obturator tip reduces tissue trauma, bleeding and trocar site pain.
  • The semi-flexible port sleeve is made of low-friction polytetrafluorethylene for smooth insertion.

NOTES (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery) and the variation Hybrid NOTES are enjoying considerable attention as promising surgical techniques. However, further advancements to the method require the development of more NOTES specific instruments – such as the new V-Port from A.M.I.! Finally there’s a trocar combining sufficient length for transvaginal access with the flexibility necessary to insert curved instruments, while still remaining stable. The V-Ports are available for both 5 and 12 mm instruments and allow for the vaginal insertion of more than one port at a time, thereby maximizing the benefit of the transvaginal NOTES technique.

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